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Spring Update 2019

Tony Evans | Published on 11/2/2019

It has been a little while since the last update on the association.

We are still without a Class Chairman and would be keen to hear from anyone interested in taking on an administrative role in the association, even if it is not the Chairman role.

Of course over the winter there has been a number of races going on around the country. I would be keen to publish some racing reports on the website here so that all members are aware of the activity going on around the country

We had the class champs over 2 weekends in May and June and if you have not seen the results, it was fairly predictable with Max Headroom heading the fleet in all 4 races. They continue to set the racing benchmark.

The next 4 boats were quite close with good battles each race. The full results are published on the BBYC website:

The associate dinner was held on Saturday 12 October and BBYC. That was a great evening but attendance was a little lighter than we would have liked.


I am sure all owners are preparing boats for the summer. If you have done work on your boat over the winter please let us know and we can share your experience with other members.


In the new year we will organise the annual picnic which hopefully will actually happen this year.

If you have any other ideas for events in your area, please email us as we are always looking for ideas of interest to the members.


If you have tried to renew your membership recently or are trying to join for the first time, we have some issues with the website which we are getting addressed.

More news on this shortly.


Tony Evans

The V Team