Farr 1020 Picnic

Great day once again!  Great turn out of 10 boats.  Looking forward to the next one!


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The Farr 1020 is a one design 10.2 meter racing/cruising keelboat that originated from the drawing board of Bruce Farr in 1983. One hundred and fifty yachts have been built and launched over the ensuing years. Today the Farr 1020 is a recognized National Keelboat class in New Zealand.

The Farr 1020 Owners Association is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the class and has authority over all Class Restrictions and Rules of the Farr 1020 class throughout New Zealand. The Association also ensures that National Championships are held annually as a requirement of the National Class status, and maintains boat championship and ownership records.

We encourage all owners to join the Association to strengthen its membership base, and provide the Association with the ability to better promote the Farr 1020 class to maintain its popularity and value, for the benefit of all owners.


Thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

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