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Notice of AGM

Tony Evans | Published on 5/27/2021

Notice Of AGM - change of time - now 7:30pm


Farr 1020 Owners and Members are invited to attend the Farr 1020 Annual General Meeting on Saturday 12th June at 7:30.  The AGM will be held at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club.

2021 AGM Agenda

  • Apologies
  • Passing of minutes of last AGM
  • Last 12 months summary
  • Election of officers - This is critical as there are 3 vacancies to be filled in the form of:
    • Chairperson
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Financial reports
  • Racing program for 2021/2022
  • Cruising/Social program
  • General Business


Please Note:

  • The association is in need of some key positions filled and support for the role's to keep the association going.
  • If you are unable to attend but would like to raise any general business matters then please email as per below
  • If you are unable to attend, please advise if you would like your apologies recorded


Restaurant and bar will be open prior to AGM. There is an association meal afterwards but please advise on the email below if you intend to have the meal as we need numbers for catering.

Please email to for

  • Meal numbers
  • Apologies
  • General business topics


Minutes of the meeting:


2021 Farr 1020 AGM  MINUTES - Saturday 12th June 7.30pm @ Bucklands Beach Yacht Club


Present: Tony Evans (Chair), Mike & Sheryl Lanigan, Peter Strathdee, Cameron Thorpe, Mike Paauwe, Roger Hudson, David & Hilary McKee, Peter & Dee Chipperfield, Mark Oliver, Phil Yuill

Apologies: Steve Barton, Ross Ardern, Andrew McDonald

Annual report: Quiet last year due to Covid restrictions and lack of appetite for meetings.

Class Champs currently being run successfully by BBYC with 8 yachts participating. Today’s results revealed 4 different yachts winning 1 race each – showing the success of Class racing.

Annual Accounts: presented and accepted – (Refer attached) noted a big reduction in membership but acknowledged there was no reminder to members, however there was good FB activity.

Committee members elected below with unanimous decision:

  • Chair/Co-ordinator (interim) – Mike Lanigan
  • Secretary (for AGM only) – Sheryl Lanigan
  • Treasurer – Roger Hudson
  • Measurer – Peter Strathdee
  • Webmaster – Mike Paauwe
  • Racing – Tony Evans
  • Cruising - Peter Chipperfield
  • Social & FB communications – Dee Chipperfield & Hilary McKee

General business:

Robust discussion was held around the purpose & format of the Class Assn moving forward. What is the relevance today? – Value in a class boat if members want to class race. Use electronic messaging for communications and zoom meetings as required.

Less formal titles, co-operative sharing but do need a lead person to be a co-ordinator and as collecting fees, also need a treasurer to keep not for profit status.

Other option to consider is winding up/closing down the Association and donating funds to e.g. youth yachting or other. Need to research constitution re details required, meantime continue status quo as Committee (interested group) above.

Suggested to start with closing PO Box and resigning National Class from YNZ (reduces outgoings)

Meeting closed after acknowledgement to Tony Evans for his efforts to date.