No 1 Spinnaker Give Away

We have been generously given a brand new kite by PIC Marine Insurance who has been a long and generous sponsor of many yaching regattas through out New Zealand.  If you are looking for a quote on your insurance then make sure you give them the opportunity to quote by visiting

We are going to use this at a few PIC sponsored regattas starting from 1 October 2016 through until 31 October 2017, more details on these to follow closer to the time

At the Association dinner in November 2017 the spinnaker is then going to be given away to a lucky NZ based boat by lucky Draw.  If the first boat drawn is not a NZ based boat then that boat will receive $250 cash from the association boats will be drawn until the first NZ Based boat is drawn

The winner if based within 150km of BBYC must be presant at the Dinner to claim the prize otherwise the winner will be notified via email

Entry to the draw is under the following conditions

  1. Any race or series of races (including summer cruising series) organised by a recognised yacht club will be eligible with series results being sent to including boat Name and Design
  2. 2-3 1020's in the fleet qualifies for .5 points
  3. 3-9 1020's qualifies for 1 point
  4. 9+ 1020's qualifies for 1.5 points
  5. Bonus point for any PIC sponsored major regatta or series regardless of entries i.e Coastal, Gold cup, Waikawa Regatta, Coastal.