2016 Farr 1020 Championship

2016 Farr 1020 Championship

It was very disappointing to have only four entries for the Jack Tar Regatta sailed during the weekend of the 19th & 20th March. This meant without six entries we were unable to race for the Farr 1020 Nationals. Also the class could not have its own division or separate start and so were relegated to race in the C division.

C division was made up of a mix of eleven similar sized boats from a Farr 1104 to Young 88s. It was decided the 1020s would have their own race within this division, for the class championship. A big thanks to the owners and the crews of Azure, Rainbow, Rawhide and Nirvana who made the effort to prepare their boats and turned out for some good close racing.

The weather forecast early in the week did not look good, with 25-35 knot winds predicted from the east and rain. As it turned out we had very little rain, and winds about 25-27 knots, and at times a chopping sea.

Race area was east of Bean Rock up towards Motukorea Channel. Four divisions starting on this the inner course, the first being the 8.5 multihulls, followed by the MRXs, sailing the Pacific Keelboat Champs, with three crews, from overseas, the 1020s and then the sport boats, the multis and the MRXs sailing a slightly longer course.

This made for some exciting sailing when beating to windward and having to dodge the multis and sports boat planning downwind at breakneck speeds. 

Prior to the start of race one, we were all tossing up on sail selection and with the winds predicted to increase I think all the 1020s started with their No 2s, the wind did moderate at one stage and out came the No1s. Four races were held on Saturday and five on Sunday.

There was no clear go fast machine, amongst the 1020s, with some very competitive sailing and some very close finishes. Unfortunately Rainbow was unable to finish in two races due to gear damage.

Thanks to my being able to re-enlist the services of my experienced crew, Azure came out the winner with three wins and the Championship for 2016 and a lot of the silver.

Big thanks must go the Jack Tar, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Bucklands Beach Yacht for the briefing, after sailing get together and the prize giving.

As an association it is good to get the 1020s out sailing racing or cruising and I would encourage all owners to consider taking part in some of future events coming up

Peter Strathdee, Azure