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Sunday 26 May & Sunday 23 June 2019

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Farr 1020 Picnic 2019 - 9 February

Picnic cancelled.  New date to be advised  

Destination is Rocky Bay - where the big white house is and the little jetty.


Be on the beach at midday.



Farr 1020 Picnic (1)


Annual Dinner & Prize Giving

All welcome!  Cruisers, Racers, Crew, Family & Kids!



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Auckland Anniversary Regatta

Well done to Galway Girl and Choice Transport for their awards in the Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta 2018.  

Nice work guys!



Farr 1020 Picnic

Great day once again!  Great turn out of 10 boats.  Looking forward to the next one!



2017 Farr 1020 Dinner

14 October 2017 from 5pm - Dinner, Class Champs Prize Giving and PIC Kite Draw




2017 Annual General Meeting

Notice Of AGM


Farr 1020 Owners and Members are invited to attend the Farr 1020 Annual General Meeting on Thursday 13th July at 7pm.  The AGM will be held upstairs at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club.



2017 AGM Agenda

  • Apologies
  • Passing of minutes of last AGM
  • Chairmans Report
  • Treasurers Report
  • Election of officers 
  • Racing program for 2017/2018
  • Cruising/Social program
    • PIC kite entries
  • General Business


We are looking for any members who would like to be involved with the committee in any capacity, specifically we are looking for a new treasurer this year if anyone would like to put their name forward.

If you are unable to attend but would like to raise any general business matters then let me know and I can table the items for discussion.

If you are unable to attend, please advise if you would like your apologies recorded

Restaurant and bar will be open prior to AGM



Farr 1020 Champs 2017 NOR

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Australian Regattas 2016/2017

Pantaenius Farr to Young Regatta

Early December saw 1020’s and Young 88’s come together on Sydney’s pristine cruising ground, Pittwater. Hosted by Royal Motor Club boats from Botany Bay and Sydney Harbour sailed north for the inaugural regatta. Chairman Craig flew over flying the association flag aboard Zahn. On arrival Griffin with Dim Houridis and crew joined Zahn in the Friday twilight racing quickly enjoying the shifty Pittwater conditions. Bill Ker off Arabesque from Brisbane flew in after a marathon Hong Kong, Port Morseby, Brisbane day to further enliven festivities. Day one of racing involved the Three Island Passage Race from Palm Beach around Lion, Dangar and Scotland Islands for a club finish.


Our start in a max 10 kts saw the 88’s and Sequel get away quickly. Foxing Griffin hoisted a brand new suite of sails nothing like their twilight robes and Alan Grundy and family on Farrst Company were true to name off the line. Our fleet quickly gathered up the earlier starting fleet to meet in the car park around Dangar, drifting around there until Juno Pt where Adam Baggett’s Tenspeed and Zahn often swapped positions in the shifty building 15-20 kts. Nobody could match Michael Doherty and Felicity Nelson’s however for speed, with Sequel showing her transom throughout for a resounding win.

Sponsor CUB opened the bar for post racing drinks and a few crews and families stayed on for the dinner at the Club.

Day 2 was another pearler with windward/ leewards planned on the pond off Clareville. It was close racing throughout and whilst Sequel was a clear standout in every race she was challenged closely by all on a number of occasions. The big kite on Griffin made her a big challenge on all the downwinds and Farrst Company was constantly in the marks mix. Placings swapped in each of the races leaving Zahn in second to Sequel with Tenspeed just a point adrift followed by Griffin and Farrst Company which suffered gear issues in the final race.


All in all everyone had a ball at a well run and welcoming club and are keen to go again this year with a potential rotating venue down the track. The trip up is a short but worthwhile one everyone agreed. A number of boats intended to participate put couldn’t due timing, so we can expect a much bigger fleet next time. The always competitive and well sailed 88’s kept it interesting and fun and are equally keen to go around again. Well done Felicity and Michael on Sequel for an emphatic run of bullets.


Article Courtesy of Seamus  -  Zahn


Sydney Harbour Regatta

Michael Doherty threw out the challenge so Zahn entered and joined Tenspeed in the Performance Spinnaker Division of the biggest keelboat regatta in Sydney with some 250 boats racing out of Middle Harbour Yacht Club the home of the Australian Sailing Team.

Sydney’s continuing run of lousy weather was sadly a feature of the weekend. Again Craig flew over (with his light S1 thank-you) for the regatta with Jenni keen but too busy sadly to join him on Zahn. The short 4 hour passage from Pittwater to Middle Harbour with Craig was in a sloppy soueasterly swell in constant showers and a belting squall when passing Manly where the Sydney 38’s were racing, saw some sailmakers and riggers smiling which was a portent for the weekend’s racing.

Saturday’s race one starting off Quarantine Beach near Manly in 10 to 12 kts with a pin favoured but brick challenging option was taken advantage of by Zahn getting a great start. Challenging rule interpretation was sometimes a feature of a race where shifts played their part in fluctuating breezes. The course west down the harbour around the cans to Rose Bay and back to Little Manly saw Zahn take the bullet and the fleet honours. Sadly the forecast deteriorated and already earlier days fleet breakages caused the PRO to call it a day.

Day 2 saw similar conditions in a slightly less swell wind building to some nasty bullets and exciting roundups in the fleets later. A harbour race for race one saw Sequel resuming her usual position out front, playing the shifts well. Tenspeed tussled with Zahn throughout with Zahn eventually gapping her in the latter part of the race. Zahn closed Sequel but with not enough left in the race was beaten. Conditions built for race 3 out of the west a direction known for strength and gusts. Sadly Air New Zealand’s early departure time from Sydney prevented Craig from doing race 3, which ended up being windward leewards into Balmoral from Quarantine. An interestingly set course and some big bullets caused some close shaves but yet again Sequel strutted her stuff to best Zahn and Tenspeed.

Overall Sequel finished second in the division of 25 odd boats with Zahn third and Tenspeed in fifth showing still how classy these 30 year old boats are against their shinier new rivals.

It would be great to see more Harbour 1020’s at this regatta next year and with 5 we would have our own start and division. Equally so next week’s Sail Port Stephens (a great fun and well run in/offshore regatta Zahn did last year is also a stunning cruising ground) is another good option next year especially allowing banana benders a shorter passage south to racing with the southerners.

 Article Courtesy of Seamus  -  Zahn



2017 Farr 1020 Picnic

What a great success it was with 10 boats coming along with crew, family & friends as well.

 Farr 1020 Picnic 2017


Dismasting of Acushla 2016

Acushla Dismasting 18th September 2016


It was the last race of the PHCC Winter series with a forecast of SW 25 to 35knots. The first leg was downwind so we set up with a conservative No 2 heavy Kevlar genoa and a double reefed main. We got a good start but were hampered soon after by broaching vessels with too much canvas up. However there were no contacts as we headed to the bottom mark at boat speeds of 10-11 knots with 35 knots apparent showing on the wind speed indicator.


At the bottom mark we hauled on the back stay pretty hard and started the upwind leg. The sea condition was reasonable for this wind strength and with a full race crew stacked out to windward we made a short port tack after the mark then tacked onto starboard to head to the Maraetai shore. With everyone settled for the long beat, a bit more on the back stay and vang, we were set for the ride to the top mark.


About 200 to 300 metres into the tack and showing a pretty steady 37 knots apparent with heavier gusts there was a loud bang as the inner weather stay parted and the top of the mast broke just below the spreaders followed by a second break at the gooseneck. The two pieces of mast plus the sails and rigging went straight over the leeward side with no harm to any of the crew.


Having a full healthy crew made retrieval possible although it was still a bit of a mission. We had the bolt cutters ready and could have cut away the rig had it not been possible to haul it all in and the sails aboard for the trip home. It took about an hour to get the rig in a condition to be able to motor while one of the race boats, another F1020 “Diamonds” with skipper/owner Peter Knight and his crew stood by to lend assistance if required. We still had VHF available via the hand held, and the secondary deck arial if we had needed to get Coastguard involved, but fortunately we did not.


Looking back had we been short handed we would have had to cut the rig free as it was just too hard to get the rig in again with only two three aboard.


We motored back to the marina, removed the rig plus the sails to shore ready for whoever was the chosen one to carry out the repairs. The main sail was removed from the spar with some effort over the ragged edges but had sustained relatively little damage. Although fully battened two battens were missing. The no 2 genoa is pretty bullet proof and that too had little damage but had again lost two battens.


The mast inspection showed that the top mast instruments, VHF  arial and mast head lighting had all gone and torn all the wiring out all of which had been replaced in 2013.


The offending stay had broken 40 mm inside the swage then pulled out with no signs of corrosion just wasting at the fracture site from tensile loading.


The boat was fully covered for racing with Mariner Ins via Vero and a claim was submitted immediately to start the ball rolling. An assessor was appointed, Chris Laird for Vero who advised who to get quotes from for the repair works. Sparloft Industries who are the F1020 spar suppliers were contacted plus others for quotes with Sparloft providing the best quotation. Other repairs were required to stanchions, life lines and toe rails for which a number of boat builders were contacted. However none of those contacted offered a quote but commented that replacing toe rails was very labour intensive requiring two or three men for a eight hour day to get one off plus the same to put back which when quoting made for an expensive job for little work. After discussing this with the assessor it was decided that my race crew and myself would undertake this work to offset some of the other costs that may be controversial.


The stays were last replaced thirteen years ago but the mast was last out in September 2013 for inspection and painting. At this time the stays were inspected with the rigging screws and dye penetrant tested for cracking and checked for broken strands and rust, nothing was found and all were returned to use.


The replacement mast was delivered to the marina 29th November and restepped. The rigging was set up temporarily and the wiring and arial reconnected the next day and the mast sealing completed. The mast tuning will be carried out over the next couple of weeks to get where I want it.


Working closely with Vero’s Chris Laird and Sparloft’s John Bennett we were able to reach a level of communication that satisfied all and got the job done with no major issues. Vero covered all the mast, rigging, instrument, lighting and wiring costs and allowed for the man hours my crew put in to replace the toe rail and stanchions supplied by Sparloft.


For those thinking of removing and resealing the toe rails, while it is a mission and requires three people and a good set of tools it is doable as a DIY job. I hope I never have to do it again though.



Jims new launch



The offending side stayEnd result



2016 Farr 1020 Championship

2016 Farr 1020 Championship

It was very disappointing to have only four entries for the Jack Tar Regatta sailed during the weekend of the 19th & 20th March. This meant without six entries we were unable to race for the Farr 1020 Nationals. Also the class could not have its own division or separate start and so were relegated to race in the C division.

C division was made up of a mix of eleven similar sized boats from a Farr 1104 to Young 88s. It was decided the 1020s would have their own race within this division, for the class championship. A big thanks to the owners and the crews of Azure, Rainbow, Rawhide and Nirvana who made the effort to prepare their boats and turned out for some good close racing.

The weather forecast early in the week did not look good, with 25-35 knot winds predicted from the east and rain. As it turned out we had very little rain, and winds about 25-27 knots, and at times a chopping sea.

Race area was east of Bean Rock up towards Motukorea Channel. Four divisions starting on this the inner course, the first being the 8.5 multihulls, followed by the MRXs, sailing the Pacific Keelboat Champs, with three crews, from overseas, the 1020s and then the sport boats, the multis and the MRXs sailing a slightly longer course.

This made for some exciting sailing when beating to windward and having to dodge the multis and sports boat planning downwind at breakneck speeds. 

Prior to the start of race one, we were all tossing up on sail selection and with the winds predicted to increase I think all the 1020s started with their No 2s, the wind did moderate at one stage and out came the No1s. Four races were held on Saturday and five on Sunday.

There was no clear go fast machine, amongst the 1020s, with some very competitive sailing and some very close finishes. Unfortunately Rainbow was unable to finish in two races due to gear damage.

Thanks to my being able to re-enlist the services of my experienced crew, Azure came out the winner with three wins and the Championship for 2016 and a lot of the silver.

Big thanks must go the Jack Tar, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Bucklands Beach Yacht for the briefing, after sailing get together and the prize giving.

As an association it is good to get the 1020s out sailing racing or cruising and I would encourage all owners to consider taking part in some of future events coming up

Peter Strathdee, Azure


No 1 Spinnaker Give Away

We have been generously given a brand new kite by PIC Marine Insurance who has been a long and generous sponsor of many yaching regattas through out New Zealand.  If you are looking for a quote on your insurance then make sure you give them the opportunity to quote by visiting

We are going to use this at a few PIC sponsored regattas starting from 1 October 2016 through until 31 October 2017, more details on these to follow closer to the time

At the Association dinner in November 2017 the spinnaker is then going to be given away to a lucky NZ based boat by lucky Draw.  If the first boat drawn is not a NZ based boat then that boat will receive $250 cash from the association boats will be drawn until the first NZ Based boat is drawn

The winner if based within 150km of BBYC must be presant at the Dinner to claim the prize otherwise the winner will be notified via email

Entry to the draw is under the following conditions

  1. Any race or series of races (including summer cruising series) organised by a recognised yacht club will be eligible with series results being sent to including boat Name and Design
  2. 2-3 1020's in the fleet qualifies for .5 points
  3. 3-9 1020's qualifies for 1 point
  4. 9+ 1020's qualifies for 1.5 points
  5. Bonus point for any PIC sponsored major regatta or series regardless of entries i.e Coastal, Gold cup, Waikawa Regatta, Coastal.